Hello Ladies,

This is just for you.

(So, if you're a chap, sorry!)


Let's see...

You’re tired of feeling like there must be more to life and having no idea how to get it.


You're afraid to have your voice heard in case people think you're not bright/funny/interesting enough.


You’re feeling like you’re wasting your potential, underachieving because you lack confidence in yourself.


You look back and think about having the world at your feet, when you left school, or when you graduated and wonder where it all went wrong.


You can’t even bring yourself to buy L’Oreal shampoo anymore!


You are not alone.


There are thousands upon thousands of women who feel this way.


The good news is that there is a bloody brilliant way to stop this turmoil and start becoming the women we need to be, for our own sanity, if nothing else!


You need to step out of your (dis)comfort zone and try things that make your mind understand that you ARE an AMAZING woman with everything you need already within you.


We'll be doing just this at the Agents of Genius: Mission I'm Possible event.


What will you get from joining in with the antics?

  • You will build your confidence in speaking in front of other people.

  • You will know that you can achieve bigger things.

  • You will know how to start taking the steps towards your dream without terrifying yourself.

  • You will be delighted with the new bolder, ballsier you.

  • Your confidence will flow into every area of your life as you watch it grow and grow.

  • You will be in the company of other women who feel just like you and you’ll be understood, finally!

  • You’ll know how to get past your niggling self-doubts.

  • You’ll take away daily strategies to prime your brain for success.

  • You will begin to live in your Genius Zone!


When you are in this mindset, you’ll KNOW that you can reach your dream destiny.


You will KNOW that you have the power that puts the world back at your feet.

What’s the worst that can happen if you give this a go?

So, don’t sit there thinking about whether you’re right for this workshop.

If all of the above resonates with you, then this workshop is right for YOU!




Don’t think “I’ll do it tomorrow”.


Remember, there is only ever NOW and YOU ARE WORTH IT!

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© 2020 Joanna Broughton