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Effective and successful teams need to include a variety of personality types in order to function optimally. 

All too often though, these personalities conflict with each other and reduce the positive impact that the variety can bring to the team.

Self-awareness is the first key to emotional intelligence (EQ).

EQ is essential to ensuring your team is equal to much more than the sum of its parts.

DISC personality profiling is a non-judgemental and highly enlightening diagnostic tool for bringing about the awareness, understanding, motivations and preferences of the self and others.

It shows us how we tick and why we tick the way we do.

It reduces conflict through understanding and together we will introduce ways to use self-regulation to improve relationships and productivity.

I’ll show you how to figure each other out so that personality clashes are a thing of the past.

I use a variety of tools and models to identify patterns of behaviour and communication.

I show you how to enhance individual characteristics to improve performance and confidence, as well as how to understand, appreciate and work effectively with the strengths and challenges of other personality styles.

Create a culture in which people support each other through mutual understanding, appreciation and respect.

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People don't resist change.  They resist being changed. 

An understanding of DISC personality styles will:

  • Enable effective communication to enhance working relationships

  • Improve performance by identifying focal points for individual improvement

  • Enable flexible leadership styles to optimise individual and team performance

  • Increase wellbeing amongst the team, leading to a reduction in stress and anxiety related issues

  • Improve the quality of feedback to increase motivation and commitment of the team

  • reduce miscommunication which often leads to poor performance

  • enable smooth transition to operational change

  • optimise and realise the potential of the people in your team through effective task allocation.

This interactive training day consists of a variety of exercises which will cater to all personality and learning styles.


Content will be delivered through game-play along with more focused and detailed tasks. Your team will see why different styles enjoy different approaches to the day's learning which will help demonstrate how the personality styles can easily conflict within a working environment.

Everyone will be in and out of their comfort zones throughout the development process. This means that everyone gets to stretch themselves as well as feeling safe within the group. 

There are group activities which are designed to bring the team together and individual tasks which help develop self-reflection practices. 

I am a highly experienced ex-teacher, school leader and university lecturer whose emphasis is on learning through having fun. My delivery is energetic, engaging and packed with laughter, which enables even the most resistant participant to let go of negative expectations and have a great time learning and developing themselves positively.

The DISC full day programme is guaranteed to deliver an enjoyable and hugely enlightening learning experience for your team.

You will see them develop into a cohesive group who go on to nurture better relationships and communication. This leads to a more productive working environment and a reduction in conflict and misconceptions. 

Furthermore, a stronger team produces richer outcomes.


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