What's on This Week?

Who Do You Think You Are?

When and Where

Sunday, 9th December

10:00am - 12:00 noon

Fusion Yoga Studio, Ripley

Sunday, 16th December

10:00am - 12:00 noon

Little Eaton Village Hall

Silence the Villains In Your Head

Who Do You Think You Are?


Awareness is everything when it comes to developing yourself for a wonderful life!


Sorry Gents, this workshop is for LADIES ONLY!


In part one of this workshop, you will learn about:

  • Your personality type

  • What drives you

  • What excites you

  • What your fears are.


You will understand:

  • How and why you clash with other personalities

  • How to enhance your relationships without compromising who you are.


Armed with your new knowledge of the different DiSC personality types, you will know:

  • Which of your traits and behaviours you need to enhance

  • What current strengths you need to capitalise on for super success.


We’ll also work on how to overcome your fears by stepping outside of your comfort zone - without sending you into a panic!


You'll get to know things about how you think and behave, plus what's going on, on the inside, that makes you do what you do.


Then for part two…


You’ll meet your inner child.


Long before we get to adulthood and experience the ups and downs that it brings, we get hurt. We then carry that hurt with us forever, unless we do something about it.

The inner child has a big impact on who we are as adults. The pains we experienced as children shape the way we look at the world now.

We react to similar, potential threats in a similar way to our childhood selves and we end up making decisions and taking actions as we would have done when we were little.

There are two main sides to this coin.


  1. We try to repress everything to do with the inner child and we forget to have fun. Being adults does not mean we can't be child-like and fun-loving. This is something we need to explore and re-learn.

  2. The inner child takes over our adult brains when we are scared of things or when we fear we might be hurt/embarrassed/ridiculed/judged etc. So, we need to connect with her and make her feel secure. This way, she will stop showing up when we need to be "grown up" and she'll be happy to come out and play so that we can enjoy life more.


We'll be delving into the following:


  • Speaking to the inner child through writing

  • Understanding why we seek the approval of others which stems from childhood and keeps us from being our best versions

  • Exploring strategies to get to know and nurture the inner child

  • A powerful guided meditation to get in touch with the inner child anduncover where our worst fears come from

  • Discovering ways of satisfying the inner child now that you're an adult,making life more FUN.

Don't worry, you never have to disclose anything to the rest of the group.
Whatever you discover, it's just for you. You'll never be asked to bare your soul or anything like that.

I've got a GIFT for everyone who attends too!


Everybody gets a FREE mini-personality profile, plus you will leave with a far greater understanding of what makes you tick.


We’ll look at how you can start to BE more of who you want to be, without entering into “square peg – round hole” territory!

We'll be using a fantastical combination of spiritual practices and neuroscience to drill down to some crucial aspects of who you are and why you do (or don't do ) the things you do.


The Outcomes:

  • You'll have a better understanding of yourself and your fears

  • You'll have some tools to use regularly which will help you overcome these fears so that you can take life by the balls and rock it!

  • The way you see the world will become increasingly more positive, along with how you see yourself within it and what you can achieve

  • You’ll know how to have better relationships with the people in your life.


If you fancy piece of that action, book yourself a spot, PRONTO, and I'll see you there.

All you need to bring with you is a drink to keep your brain and body hydrated and a way to write things down. (I like a note pad and pen, but I'm old-school.)

I can't wait to meet and work with you.

Take the first step to being the new, "go-getter" you and get your spot booked right away.

Don't think about it for too long or you'll talk yourself out of it and you won't get to learn about how to stop talking yourself out of stuff!

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My work is based on Master’s research into neuroscience, personal development and leadership.