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Technology is advancing rapidly. So too is our knowledge of the technology of human brains.  All our work is underpinned by Master's level research in coaching theories and neuroscience, resulting in training which maximises the potential of all of your people.


Leaders of Genius is a flexible programme delivering practical coaching skills to the world of education. It gives you and your team the knowledge and tools to become an independent coaching environment. You'll know how to get the best out of your leadership teams, teachers and students, whilst also promoting well-being.

In a sector of constant change, it is vital that teaching continues evolving and we develop staff to be able to embrace the necessary changes and new ways of practising.  Coaching is great for staff morale and when applied school wide, a new culture of possibility is fostered.   


We now understand more about how our young people learn and educators need to respond to the diverse needs of their learners. The students are central to what we do and change needs to be embraced so that we can deliver the best education for each and every one of them.  In order to do this, an environment in which ideas are celebrated and risks are viewed as opportunities for innovation is needed to allow every practitioner to develop a "can do" attitude towards their own development.  In turn, students will benefit from teachers who are more confident in the new generation of teaching and learning.  


Having completed your bespoke Leaders of Genius programme, you will be able to provide robust evidence that you value the continuous professional development of your staff, including all levels of leadership.  You will demonstrate your commitment to ensuring all staff are motivated and dedicated to delivering high quality education to all of your students. 


Your classroom practitioners will actively engage in powerful coaching conversations.  They will be able to affect develpmental change through the cultivating of positive mindsets.  Feedback will become more supportive and people will not fear the feeling that they are not good enough.


Energy and commitment replace threat and resentment.  Leadership and the wider staff become One Highly Effective Team.

People don't resist change.  

They resist being changed. 

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I’ve had nothing but positive feedback from the event. The team now understand how we need to dump all the ‘content’ and focus on how we can help the students take ownership of their learning and progress.


Dr Tony Harris, Director and Dean

Institute of Contemporary Music Performance, London


Packages May Include:

  • Level 3 listening skills

  • Questioning techniques

  • Neuroscience behind coaching - what is going on in the brain

  • Contagious thoughts - mirror neurons and memes

  • Understanding habits and how to change them

  • Identifying and challenging limiting beliefs

  • Understanding values and realities

  • Cognitive Dissonance

  • Ego states - inviting the best self to the party

  • Motivation theories and practice

  • Personality Profiling for all participants

  • Working effectively with other personality types   


How this translates as development for your team:

  • Time and workload management

  • Promoting creative thinking to improve classroom practice

  • Independent practitioners facilitating independent learning

  • Improved results amongst students

  • Moving away from comfort zones to affect true development

  • Positive conversations leading to positive actions

  • Improved leadership effectiveness and communication

  • Improved teaching and learning through support, without threat

  • Reduction in the stress that leads to poor performance and sickness

  • Developed self-sufficiency in staff and students

  • Greater awareness of diversity

  • Better working relationships

  • Increased trust amongst staff


How Does Leaders of Genius Training Work?


You put together a crack team of staff and I will come to your school to train them on how to deliver the Leaders of Genius Model.


Your staff will work in coaching partnerships, in which they will put into practice their new skills.  They will experience being both coach and coachee.


Leaders of Genius will transform the types of conversations being had by staff and this will cascade down into the classroom. Your staff will learn how to facilitate learning, promoting high quality reflective practice, independence and accountability for their development.


Each individual on the Leaders of Genius journey will learn about their own communication styles and behaviour patterns through the personality profiling component. They will also understand why they gel or clash with others and how they can move towards these other styles to create harmony and improve team dynamics. 

Leaders of Genius

Training Program

This is a flexible program, which can be undertaken in the form of full day/s or shorter sessions, including twilights. You choose how to build your package around your needs. The training will be designed for your people, according to your school's vision. 

This is the ultimate program for staff development and support and it meets many of the key performance requirements set out by Ofsted. 

Team Development


I will facilitate dynamic and innovative conversations, which will lead to your desired outcomes and beyond. I can work with any groupings, such as senior leadership, middle leadership, subject specific, pastoral and student teams. I am well versed in theories and practices of leadership, learning and teamwork. I will design the coaching experience around what you want to achieve and your teams will deliver!

Individual Professional Development

I will work with you and/or your staff member to identify and develop key skills, through challenge and support.  This stretches the individual to achieve in areas that they may not have previously been comfortable with. Together, we challenge limiting beliefs and help your staff to understand their motivations, promote growth mindsets and help them to realise their true potential. 
All of my work is underpinned by Master's research in neuroscience, leadership and coaching.

I am an experienced school leader, coach, mentor and trainer.

I am driven by a commitment to realising the unlimited potential of human minds.


Method Living

Personal Development Workshops For Mums

There are plenty of examples of people who come from backgrounds of hardship, who go on to thrive. However, there are many more who resign themselves to lives of struggle and poverty.

​Understanding why our thinking creates the reality from which we live, enables us to re-frame our thoughts and beliefs.

In turn, we can then reshape our realities and live better, healthier lifestyles.

Method Living Shows Mums How To:

  • Positively change their belief systems
  • Identify and build on positive characteristics
  • Surround themselves with positive influences
  • Set goals and create an achievable action plan
  • Use their new Knowledge and mindset-enhancing habits to help their children to value themselves and their education.

Method Living combines Master's Level research in Neuroscience with coaching practices and Performing Arts.

Why Method Living For Your Students' Mums?

This course is amazing. Totally changed the way I live my life forever. I'm so much happier, more confident and more fulfilled. Total, total game-changer. I would recommend to everyone. Joanna is just brilliant.


Mums on Seats

This unique, group coaching programme is proven to positively change  the mindsets of participants, enriching their lives, as well as those close to them. 

Aspiration, Not Resignation

Our students learn their values from the environment in which they grow. So, it makes sense to grow positive cultures at the source of their value systems.
It starts with  Mum.

Because They're Worthy

When a student understands that they have value and potential, they are far more likely to engage in their education. 
When mums understand this too, firstly about themselves and then about their children, they in turn are much more likely to engage in and support their children's school life. 

Community is Everything

There is great power in community. When we see others, like ourselves, becoming successful, it shapes what we believe we can achieve in our own lives. When we believe in possibilities, we are motivated to take positive action.


These workshops have been amazing. I've learnt so much. Now I'm well on the way to becoming the me I want to be



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