As an entrepreneur, I'd been looking for a community of like-minded people who could help me grow my business and give me the support I needed on my business journey. 

It didn't exist. So, I created it. 

Fellow Women Entrepreneurs, here is our very own community where we can get all the businessy stuff we need under one roof! 

Joanna Broughton, Founder of Global Success Syndicate.

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Ever leave networking events thinking "That was just a pricey way to eat a few snacks and drink crap coffee, whilst making small talk"?

We all used to.


But that was before discovering a more effective way of networking…

Referral Marketing.

Nobody ‘Sells’ to anyone else in the room. If you get business from them, that’s great, but the idea of referral marketing is much cleverer than that.

We get to know each others’ businesses. We get to know each other as service/product providers and as people.

Every session, you'll get the chance to stand up and say what you do and how members can help you. 

In genuinely taking time to understand and trust each other, we increase everyone’s reach beyond the people in the room meaning..

Massive Expansion of Your Potential Networking Community.

Once we know what each other is about, we put our own network of people in touch with members of the group who may be interested in what they can deliver.

So, the pressure to make that all-important first impression is off.

We make our impressions by establishing quality relationships over time.

The real secret to networking
is recognising that you’re not just talking to one person but, by extension, to everyone they know as well.

Brad Burton, 4Networking


Business Support

Every month, we’ll have a ‘Biz-Wizardry’ section in which we’ll be tucking into learning some juicy business skills.


These sections will be delivered by a mix of outside experts, your Syndicate leader and members can also apply to lead the learning on an aspect they are particularly strong on.


Even more opportunity to show us what you’re made of so we can big you up to all of our own networks!

There’s so much to learn in business and when you’re a one-woman-band, you’ve got to do the lot.


However, there are often better, more efficient, more effective ways of doing the things that you’re already doing as well as things you don’t realise you could be doing, but aren’t.

You don’t want to miss out on these valuable tricks of the trade!


Mindset Mastery

When things aren’t going the way we want, we see ourselves as failures and many people give up and go back to those jobs that made them feel like they were dying a slow death.

On the good days, when things turn out great, we bask in the glow for about 5 minutes, until we start telling ourselves it was probably just a fluke and we shouldn’t get over-excited etc.

The trouble is, we have to live with an element of fear in order to get to the next level as entrepreneurs, but we can damn well get past it if we know how to optimise our minds and if we have the right people around us for support.

At the Global Success Syndicate, we’ve got a raft of strategies for overcoming the gremlins which lurk inside your mind, waiting to pounce on your great ideas and stop you in your tracks.


At every meeting, we do some Mind-Mastery work to get us fired up and ready to tackle the things we’ve been avoiding.

You’ll also have practices to take away and use daily to help you keep the steam in between meetings.


Member Spotlight

What better way to demonstrate what you do (so that we can refer you and your brilliance to other people) than to get yourself in the Member Spotlight?

Stand up for 10 minutes and present your magic to the group. It’s a great way to wow us and give us a better understanding of what your products or services are all about.

Furthermore, you’ll get the chance to practise and hone your presenting skills.


If this is an area which you are currently working on in your business, you can request feedback and advice from your fellow members to help you super-charge your skills.



It can be tough doing this business thing on your own.

It can be bloody hard to motivate yourself on those dark days.


It can seem impossible to pick yourself up and start again if your latest brilliant idea went down like a lead balloon and you simply cannot understand why people are not jumping at the chance to buy from you.

On those days, it’s essential to be part of a supportive community and have access to other women who have 'been there' to offer you the encouragement that your other friends don’t understand you need.

At the Global Success Syndicate, you’ll get the opportunity to ask for advice, give advice (like the wise sage that you probably don’t even realise you are yet) and get inspired and motivated to rocket-fuel your business to the moon and beyond.

Every session includes an element of accountability so you’ll find yourself doing the things you’ve been putting off for ages, whilst simultaneously, totally believing you can smash it.


Double winner!


Join Us

Your local session will run every two weeks. (See schedule of events.)

They’re at 10am – noon which gives us all time to drop the kids at school, or get our morning routines out of the way and put our business heads on.

If you'd like a bit more info, use the contact form below to make an enquiry and we'll get back to you as soon as humanly possible.

Alternatively, click the 'Book My Ticket' button and sign right up.

At the Global Success Syndicate, we’re serious about business, but we’re a fabulously friendly bunch who welcome guests and new members with open arms.


So, get in touch right away if what we do is up your street.


Where else?

Post Mill Centre,

South Normanton.

(Off M1, J28)


9:30am - 11:30am



Community Centre,




10:00am - 12 noon


February 24th

March 10th

March 24th


February 14th (At Casa)

February 28th

March 27th


Membership enables you to attend any of our events. There are two 2-hour meetings per month at each venue (3 on those months with an extra week).

We encourage you to hook up with other members in between sessions to...



Meetings cost just £12.50.

You can attend 2 meetings as a visitor before membership is required. 

Get a real feel for each others' businesses


Act as business-buddies to keep each other in the zone of GENIUS so you never lose your Biz-Mojo.

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