Master Your Excellence

The Master Your Excellence E-course will show you what is going on inside your brain and mind, as well as giving you strategies to change the unhelpful habits of thinking and behaving which sabotage your efforts to move forward in the direction you want to go.  

It has been developed using neuroscience and psychology, but many of the teachings also fit with ancient spiritual practices. So, however you view the world, this course will work for you, if you fully immerse yourself in the activities within it.

The Modules

Section 1 - Getting Started


Foundations and Overview


Section 2 - Rewriting Your Story

Getting to Know Yourself

  • What is Keeping You From Success?

  • Get Out of Your Head 

  • The Stories You're Telling Yourself

  • Get in the Zone

  • Controlling Your Thoughts

  • Perception Deception

Living With Intention

  • The Habits of a Healthy Mind

  • The Chemistry of Emotions

  • Great Habits

  • 8 Minute Mindfulness

Section 3 - Moving Forward

  • The Power of Goals

  • What Do You Truly Want to Achieve?

  • Silent Coaching Session

An introduction to the course

What to expect and the theories behind the material.

Learn about the common pitfalls and what you need to overcome them.

Stop doing what you "should" do and start working towards what your heart wants.

Understand your sabotaging self-beliefs and start thinking your way to success.

Understand and use conscious thought to overpower default reactions to things that drive you crazy!

Learn about the chemistry of emotions and how to maximise the good ones and limit the dangerous ones.

Start doing sustainable habits to make you feel happier and to keep you motivated and energised.

Listen to the Mindfulness starter session to deal with things in the moment.

Learn the importance of creating powerful and motivating goals that fit with your core values.

Understand the difference between what you really, really want and what you fancy.

Know WHY you want to achieve your goal, become emotionally connected to it and learn how to achieve it without giving up at the first sign of trouble!

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