Why Use Video For Your Business?

Video marketing is all the rage at the moment and it's here to stay. 

If you're not using it already, you can bet your bottom dollar that your competitors are.

Here's one of my favourites. It's the last one in a series of short videos about the fears that lurk in your mind.

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Here's a few reasons why it's so important:

  1. People love to watch videos. A third of consumers want more e-commerce videos to inform their decision making.

  2. Video drives more organic traffic to your website and keeps them there. This makes Google happy, which means your site is more likely to rank higher than without video.

  3. People use video to learn about your products or services. The great news is that an interesting and informative video allows your potential clients/customers to retain a whopping 85% more information!

  4. 93% of businesses that use video say that it boosts conversion rates.

  5. 77% of consumers say they have been compelled to buy a product or service because of a promotional or How-to video.

How Can My Business Benefit From VIDEO STAR?

In this 2 day intensive programme (in which I will come to your business) you'll learn how to create your own smoking hot videos that make a big impact on your business!

BUT, this isn't just a "How-to" course. There are 5 elements to this package.

1. The Creative Process

We'll work together to generate brilliant ideas for creating engaging videos that your consumers will love!

Creativity is limited to what your brain thinks you can do, so you need an extra brain to help you really explore the possiblities.

This process will have you conjuring ideas that you didn't even realise were available to you!

2. Confidence & Performance

Once you've come up with a bank of tremendous ideas to power up your marketing, we'll work on getting past any nasty little fears in your head around getting in front of a camera.

We'll use parts of the Method Living programme to enable you to exorcise your video-demons and you'll have the courage and confidence to create videos that show you as THE superstar leader in your field!

3. The Filming Process

Here's where I'll show you what equipment you'll need and how to use it for best effect.

We'll then record your masterpiece, using Green Screen technology or the location of your choice.

All the time, you'll have your Method Living Practitioner on hand to help you get over the nerves, as well as to direct your legendary performance!

4. The Editing Process

This is when the magic really happens!

We'll take your raw footage and apply some amazingly effective editing magic, to turn it into a professional and eyecatching piece of genius!

With the Green Screen, you can be anywhere in the world, or beyond. 

We can add alsorts of whizz-bang techniques that make your video POP!

5. 1 Month Ongoing Support

You'll get a month of ongoing support via phone, email or video chat.

Using the wonders of video chat, I can use screen-share to guide you through any techniques that you need help with.

This window of support is relatively short so that it encourages you to keep the steam. You'll need to keep working on your new skills to ensure you remember them long into the future!

What's The Investment?

It costs anything up to and beyond £4000 to have a 2 minute video made for you by a film-maker.

Ouch! That's going to get pricey if you want to create a range of videos.

So, to get the skills AND the confidence you need to make your own professional videos, your investment into the future of your business is a mere £2997.

You'll have the ideas, the courage and the know-how to impress your consumers and beat your competitors!

What's not to love about that?


Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.

Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

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