“Before I met Joanna I was so stressed out about my job and my life, I thought I needed a career change. I thought my job was stopping me doing the things I wanted to do the most. I was feeling very anxious all the time, confused and desperately needed a change.


She has been remarkably supportive, always keeping me focused and helping me to identify what was really important to me and my values, establishing my goals, setting priorities and taking action.

It is incredible how my state of mind changed in 6 sessions with her. I just cannot explain how it happened but suddenly I am going to start my master’s degree, I am losing weight, I am planning on starting my own family and the best bit is that my way of seeing life is more positive as I do not feel anxious or confused anymore. I feel more in control and confident and I am focusing on the things that really matter.


 I am very glad that I met Joanna and I will recommend her to anyone who needs support and I will ask for her help myself again if I need it in the future.

Thank you very much Joanna!!”

N. Mills, Team Leader, North West, UK

“Joanna is a fantastic coach and one of the most inspiring and creative people I have ever met. I was looking for a direction and more clarity with my career and my charitable work. It was very important to me as I have overcome a serious illness and wanted to make growth and contribution a priority.

Sessions with Joanna were focused on my goals and I always discovered something new having many A-ha moments. After every session I felt empowered and ready to take my goals into another level. In result I was making a steady and measurable progress which was really motivating and energising.
Joanna is a warm, insightful, optimistic and knowledgable person and a great listener. She loves working with people and is genuinely involved in the coaching process.

I truly appreciate her knowledge on various topics particularly on leadership, management, communication skills and psychology. I am also very grateful for her constructive feedback and ability to pick up the core issue of my concern.
Coaching with Joanna was very enriching and inspiring. She has helped me focus, explore my options and choose what I felt was best for me.

Thank You Joanna! You make the world a better place! “

Eva, Medical Doctor, London

"After our first coaching conversation, I realised that I had been letting my 18 year old self make my decisions for me. I am a grown woman! The very next day I went out and started speaking to people in the way that I had wanted to be able to, for a very long time. Coaching has changed my life and I just really want to thank you for that Joanna!"

Nadia, School Leader, Midlands, UK


"This coaching thing really works! I'm on target for getting things rolling! I'm ready to create my own future!

Thank you!"

Christine, New Business Owner, West Midlands, UK



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