What's on This Week?

Empower Your Inner Child

When and Where

Wednesday, 7th November

10:00 - 11:00am

Fusion Yoga Studio, Ripley

Thursday, 8th November

1:00 - 2:00pm

Little Eaton Village Hall

Silence the Villains In Your Head

Hello Ladies,

Ever wonder why you react to things in ways that don't always show you in your best light?

It can be down to all manner of things.

Tiredness, hangriness, rude people, stupid people...

However, your inner child has a lot to do with HOW your react.

Just because stuff might cheese you off or make you sad etc. it doesn't mean that you are responding appropriately.

Your inner child has a lot to do with your reactions.

The way you were treated as a child and the way you responded to that treatment is ever-present in adulthood.

So, when you shout obscenities at the fool who took the parking space that you were clearly indicating you were going into, that REACTION is your inner child having a tantrum.

If you withdraw from conflict and try your level best to merge into the background, that is your inner child doing what it's always done and you don't even realise he/she is at the helm.

So what?

In order to respond in healthier ways, improving our moods, emotions and relationships in the process, we need to get to the bottom of what's driving the outbursts or inbursts.

We need to understand where the pain came from in the first place that made us default to these reactions back then and make us do so for the rest of our lives.

Then there's the other side of the coin...

We don't let our inner children play anymore.

Just because we live in adult bodies does not mean that we can't be playful or adventurous now.

We concern ourselves way too much with what other people think of us when we could be dancing in a room full of people and not caring if they're looking whilst having a right royal blast!

Hands up who has enough fun?

Most people don't. We get bogged down in the nitty-gritty of the every day shizz and we forget to invite the inner child to come out and play.

So, it's time to turn the tables.

Bring the adult to the party when you need to be grown-up.

Invite the child more often so that you can have some giggles, fun, silliness and JOY!

This is what we'll be working on this week in the Agents of Genius - Empower Hour sessions.

You'll be doing some groovy exercises which will help you get to the core of your Inner Child's past hurts, so that you can start nurturing her and easing her pain. She'll then want to come out to play more and she'll want to make you happier!

Have a word with your mini-me and see if she fancies a slice of that. She'll thank you for it and she'll reward you for it. YES!!!

Here's what we'll get up to:


  • Speaking to the inner child through writing

  • Understanding why we seek the approval of others which stems from childhood and keeps us from being our best versions

  • Exploring strategies to get to know and nurture the inner child

  • A powerful guided meditation to get in touch with the inner child and uncover where our worst fears come from

  • Discovering ways of satisfying the inner child now that you're an adult, making life more FUN.

Don't worry, you never have to disclose anything to the rest of the group.
Whatever you discover, it's just for you. You can discuss your findings with your nearest and dearest, but you'll never be asked to bare your soul or anything like that.

I've got a couple of FREE gifts for you too.
One will help you to programme your mind for positivity.
The other will keep you calm in times of stress.

We'll be using a fantastical combination of spiritual practices and neuroscience to drill down to some crucial aspects of who you are and why you do (or don't do ) the things you do.


  • You'll have a better understanding of yourself and your fears

  • You'll have some tools to use regularly which will help you overcome these fears so that you can take life by the balls and rock it!

  • The way you see the world will become increasingly more positive, along with how you see yourself within it and what you can achieve.

If you fancy a piece of that action, book yourself a spot here now!

All you need to bring with you is a drink to keep your brain and body hydrated and a way to write things down. (I like a note pad and pen, but I'm old-school.)

I can't wait to meet and work with you.

Take the first step to being the new, "go-getter" you and get your spot booked right away.

Don't think about it for too long or you'll talk yourself out of it and you won't get to learn about how to stop talking yourself out of stuff!

To find out more about what we do, go to the Agents of Genius section on the Ladies page.

One last thing, the normal price is £15 per session, but is free for first-timers and if you buy a block of 6 sessions, it's discounted at £67 instead of £90.

If you only come the once, you'll take some brilliant stuff away with you. So, why not give it a go. You've nothing to lose!

See you soon,

Joanna xx